Pam Italia / Bruno Zeppi Fashion Collection - 1981 Ann Mulligan with Reginald Maudling  HM Paymaster General 1957-59 President Board of Trade 1959-61 Colonial Secretary 1961-62 Chancellor of the Exchequer 1962-64 Home Secretary 1970-72 QC ing at  Calzaturificio “Yuppy Dum”  Clog Manufacturer The Original Idea / Sketch Ann Mulligan Directing “Fry’s Turkish Delight” Manchester City Cup Finalists 1981 - Wearing Pam Italia Shoes Ann Mulligan Directing “Milky Bar Kid Advert” Original Box Cover Pam Italia Collection - Circa 1977

Pam Italia was created in June 1976 by Peter Mulligan and David York. Peter was the designer and creator, while David supplied the initial working capital.

Peter’s career in the shoe trade started with F. Norton and Son, Irthlingborough, in 1970.  He was then head hunted by the company, Charles Horrell Shoes, Rushden in 1972, spending four valuable years learning creative designing and customer liaison skills ending his career at Charles Horrell as Executive Sales Director.

The brand Pam Italia, made up from Peter’s initials, (PAM), was quickly accepted by the top independent stores throughout the UK and at its height had established over 600 independent accounts.

At one time they supplied 18 independent accounts in a “well known town”. This caused a problem as each retailer demanded exclusivity. The solution was to create a new brand called Bruno Zeppi in 1981 which would offer an alternative range of shoes.

The late 1990’s saw the slow demise of the independent and this caused the company a difficult problem. They had always preferred to spread their accounts throughout the UK and not deal with the larger Multiple stores. To protect their product / image with the smaller accounts they specifically created designs for each of the Multiple customers, supplying them under their own company name apart from a few.

They supplied the top companies like; Church & Co through Austin Reed, John Lewis (Bruno Zeppi was the first leading fashion brand covered in their monthly gazette), and Russell & Bromley to name but a few.

Peter Mulligan retired in November 2001 and has retained the brand names and objects.

If you are interested in licensing these NAMES and OBJECTS kindly contact me at or telephone +44 (01933) 680779.

HISTORY David York & Peter Mulligan Original Sock Label Licensed Shoe Products   1976 - 2001 Shoe Brands  Pam Italia  &   Bruno Zeppi Peter Mulligan  Dartford Tunnel 1973 “ The Godfather Collection” By “Toby’s Nose” & Peter Memphis Smith Peter Mulligan & Enzo Elisei ( 1998 ) one of our original factories from 1976 Piazza Bra - Verona Bruno Zeppi Spring Leisure Collection - Circa 1980’s Spring 1981 Fashion Classic Collection PMT - For Men Only  Good Idea - But Brand Failed - Too Early Perhaps!! or  too many lady buyers buying Men’s Shoes The Italian Connection De Togni, Hugo, Andreoli & Alberelli Old Comrades Buckman, Mulligan & Rayner  Olympia Menswear Fair  - Circa  1990 “ Old Muckers” Porto Alcanaz 1998 - Espana Sadly David Died  3/11/99 David’s Boat “Bugle" Alison Panter & Peter Mulligan


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